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Thursday, June 10, 2021

One in Three

Doctors are seeing such cases around the world: About a third of COVID-19 patients go on to develop "long-haul" neurological or psychiatric conditions months after being infected, new research shows.

The findings suggest a link between COVID-19 and a higher risk for later mental health and neurological disorders, researchers report.

The new analysis of data from more than 236,000 COVID-19 survivors focused on 14 neurological and mental health disorders. It found that 34% of patients were diagnosed with such disorders in the six months after infection with the new coronavirus.

It just boggles my mind that there are people still willing to take a risk of contracting Covid.

In part, one has to wonder whether or not we have had a few hundred thousand people die and a million or more contract COVID because some old fat white guy was so vain that he was afraid that wearing a mask would mess up his spray-on tan.

Vaccine availability in this country is near the point where any adult who wants to be immunized should have been immunized. So those, from here on out, who end up in the hospital with COVID and whine that they should have taken precautions or should have gotten vaccinated should be given a Tough-Shit card and the key to the Weep Locker.


w3ski said...

At my Dad's desk in the Army, he had the "crying towel" on a nail on the wall.
Tell your troubles to it, cry into it, dry your face, and back to soldiering.
It had a following at the time.

Tod Germanica said...

Sounds like a personal problem. See the chaplain.