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Thursday, June 17, 2021


The US will officially recognize Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in America, as a federal holiday after Joe Biden signed a bill into law on Thursday.

Even some of the seriouosly batshit members of the Congress voted for it.


B said...

I'm all for Juneteenth.....although many people think it is to commemorate Emancipation instead. I think it is a great idea for a holiday of rememberance.

Having said that, it should be on the *actual* correct date....not the day before. I mean, that's like moving Independence Day just so Federal workers get an extra day off.
Sad that the first official "Juneteenth" federal holiday was celebrated a day early.
Real commemorative holidays should not have their dates changed for convenience....

dinthebeast said...

Juneteenth is a big deal in Oakland, where I lived for 35 years. The celebrations there are epic.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Comrade Misfit said...

B, I've been making the same argument about Memorial Day since I started this blog.

Question is whether it's going to be a 3-day only on the days when Juneteenth falls on Fri-Mon or is it going to be a 3-day like Memorial Day.

Comrade Misfit said...

It's not an automatic three day weekend. This is the bill that amends this statute. When read together, when Juneteenth falls on Monday-Friday, it's celebrated on those days.

0_0 said...

Juneteenth has been celebrated for years where I live, too.

And I already got it off as a holiday- learned after hours Thursday via email and phone call.

Now if my spellcheck can update and get rid of the red squiggly line under the word....