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Wednesday, December 9, 2020


I have voted for a lot of Republicans in my time. I've given small donations to some.

No more. When Trump attempted a legalistic coup, almost every Republican, from the clowns on the town council to the U.S. Senate, either were silent or backed Trump.  

I cannot, in good conscience, as a person who swore an oath to defend the Constitution, ever vote for a candidate from a party that did its level best to demolish a free and fair election. Besides filing a bazillion baseless lawsuits, the Republicans have taken the lesson of 2020 to be "it's bad for people to vote". They are an authoritarian party, antidemocratic, and an embarrassment to their self-proclaimed patriotism.

The GOP has shown itself to be a party of crazies, racists and fascists. To my mind, anyone who identifies as a Republican has been tarred by that brush.[1] If conservatism is going to survive as a valid political movement, they need to ditch the GOP and form a new party, as was done in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854.

The Republican party has the potential to being a wellspring of domestic terrorism. Their party leader refuses to denounce right-wing terrorism. You could comfortably seat the number of sitting Republican politicians who have denounced Trump's legalistic coup attempt inside a single intercity bus.[2]

I am done with the GOP, forever.
[1] And if that shoe fits you, Gentle Reader, wear it.
[2] If not a short bus.


Tod Germanica said...

The grift grinds on from the trump crime family though, $200 million simoleons and counting, all going to the trump slush fund. That's many thousands of Stormy Daniels worth, do the math. And it could come close to paying Melon's alimony and Barron's child support. I can totally understand trump's treason, the loyalty of the rich is always for sale. But wtf do the Trumpites get out of it? Why give him more gold plated toilets? Complete delusion. This shows, I suppose, trump's mastery of his con. Brilliant. It takes a magnificently stupid person to get the empathy and cult devotion of the stupid people. Of the stupid, by the stupid, for the stupid. Verily. Take all their money, Don. If you didn't they'd only lose it anyway. That dumb and gullible, trump's GOP.

Eck! said...

I will never vote rethug party as a ticket. I stopped doing that in the early 70s after the Noxin debacle. After that who ever I voted for it was not a party line vote.

I have never campaigned for any of them, I pay nothing to any of them.
That applies to all parties.

The other group I will not vote for is any [person or group] aligned
with the religious right [or left either!]. Their goal is to create
a partisan theocracy. I don't buy in to that either. I also believe
all churches should pay taxes on physical and financial assets.

I've had my fill of the election cycle that last a ridiculously long
time and does nothing but reduce the functioning of the government.
As a tax payer I'm not getting my monies worth from the lazy and
preoccupied bastards. I also do not want my tax money supporting
NGOs that are not bound to the same standards as the government

Finally I'm glad to see that one trick pony headed to the door
as he wasted my money.


Glenn Kelley said...

Trump has been grooming his followers since 1987 . He is credited with between 13 and 19 books depending on how much credit the ghost writers got . If you were 20 when the art of the deal came out your 55 now . Add his crap on top of a (usually) religious education that teaches them not to question dogma and add a bit of selfishness and fear .

If the consequences of their action weren't so dire I would just feel sorry for them .

dinthebeast said...

2020 election trutherism will most likely be with us for a while. I could almost feel sorry for Fergus' marks if they weren't doing their dead level best to destroy American democracy with their tantrum.
That has always been the hole in Fergus' con: he may not be serious about his lies, but his followers sure are, which is not only unfair to them, but dangerous for everyone else.
I used to read the blog of a guy who was an attorney in Houston who used to be an enthusiastic supporter of the Green party, and I asked him for his thoughts on the "Houston 19", the 19 African American women who all won judgeships in Harris county in 2018, and he responded by pointing out that it wasn't just the judges, but every county wide office there had gone to the Democrats.
Then he said that he hadn't actually voted for all of them, because as an attorney he personally knew some Republican judges who were fine judges and decent people who understood when they first ran that they could only get elected there as Republicans.
He said that he felt like this was different somehow, that the tide was turning in that part of Texas and while that was generally a good thing, there would be some collateral damage to cope with as it happened.
He died of cancer in 2019, so I can't ask him what he thinks of this situation, which is a shame because he was a smart and decent guy.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

re the paragon said...

CM, to quote from a famous Christmas movie

"Welcome to the party, pal!"

Or, in this case, the Anti-party.

JustMusing said...

I hope Biden has set aside a few billion for unbrainwashing the cult of T****, because that's not a party I want to see continue.

Richard said...

I'm just glad mom didn't have to see this. It would have broken her heart. That's ok, it was already broke.
They got sucked into fox news and watched that all day.
Because they were old fashion people they listened to the radio also. Rush Limbaugh mostly.
I used to not know what to do with them. I still don't.

Joe said...

prefer the gullwing when I visit your page. thanks