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Monday, December 14, 2020

Biden's Aides are Smoking Crack If They Think This Will Happen (and Why the U.S. May Be Done as a Democracy)

Joe Biden’s aides have a message for President Donald Trump and his supporters: It’s long past time to move on.

They aren't going to. you can tell the Trumpanzees until you're blue in the face that Biden won 81 milion votes and none of them will listen. They are only listening to seditionists like Limbaugh and The Great Orange Narcissist who are promoting their "we were stabbed in the back" myth.[1]

We have, in this country a significant number of people who don't believe in fair elections. They only believe in elections if Trump wins. If Trump loses, it can't be fair.

Couple this with Trump's political party, which is openly saying that the key to winning an election is to prevent people from voting, at least those people.[2] They want voting to be as hard as possible, at least in some neighborhoods.[3] They can't win a contest of ideas, of political philosophies, so they have to rely on race-baiting and fraudulent claims of massive voter fraud.

Which, by the way, doesn't exist. Trump and his cabal of sheet-wearers formed a voter fraud task force in 2017, which closed a year later after finding nothing.[4]

How do you have a functioning democracy when one side makes its mission to deny people the right to vote? It took a hundred years to stop the Southern fascists from overtly denying people the right to vote, but they are still at it by other means. And now, when the forces of racial fascism lose, they cry that there had to be fraud because their efforts to keep people from voting didn't pay off.

How do you have a functioning Democracy when one side refuses to accept it when they lose?[5] Don't be surprised when the Cabal of Sedition starts blaming the Jews, as some are already inching there.
[1] A myth that didn't work out well for Germany.
[2] Blacks, Latinos, young people and women.
[3] Those where minorities and poor people live.
[4] Trump, a hard-core conspiracy whackaloon, cast the failure of his task force to find meaningful fraud as more proof that the conspiracy to commit voter fraud was really working.
[5] Before the "bothsiderists" kick in, allow me to point out that Hillary Clinton conceded to Donald Trump. Despite the protests in Washington the day after Inauguration Day, few were saying that the election was stolen. Thsoe were protests to let Trump and the GOP know that the opponents of Trumpism hadn't been cowed. Unlike now; this time, the sore losers are saying that they didn't lose. They were stabbed in the back.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Oh yeah, the hardcore trolls have been saying it since forever. In their telling, the evil Jews are controlling the simple minded blacks to get them to replace them.
I always respond with a line from Rocky Horror: "A mite presumptuous of you" in that they would need replacing at all. Like whatever would we do as a society without them?
Driftglass always says that we can't long endure half Fox and half free, but what kind of reckoning could render us one again is something I currently can't imagine, and not due to lack of trying.

-Doug in Sugar Pine