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Friday, June 7, 2019

Putin's Man in the Senate Is.......

..... Mitch McConnell. He is standing firmly athwart any effort to beef up the security of American elections.

One has to wonder why McConnell is turning a blind eye and a thick head towards the well-documented efforts by the Russians to interfere in our elections.

The only possible answer is because McConnell believes that Russian interference benefits his party.

I've long regarded McConnell as a partisan hack who places the welfare of his political skin and his party over the safety and security of his country.

One might hope that one of the nonagenarian veterans who are coming home from the D-Day commemorations will swing by Capitol Hill and give McConnell a swift thwack in the mouth with their cane.


B said...

Better we find a way to prevent real fraud (not imagined "Russian" fraud) from happening. And yes, it happens in both Democratic and Republican precincts...if moreso in cities. We have PROOF that that is actually happening, not just conjecture.

If we are gonna spend a BILLION dollars to prevent "Russian" fraud, I'd like to see proof that it is actually happening...and so far, I haven't. I've heard a lot of conjecture, but no one can point to any actual votes being changed or other fraud. There was a lot of paid for ads by LOTS of entities that were shady in the last two elections, but where was the actual "russian" fraud?

DTWND said...

Laughing out loud and at the same time shaking my head. If you continue to deny the facts about the Russian interference in the 2016 election, then there is no sense in debating the issue with you. Your mind is already closed.


CenterPuke88 said...

Er, so the answer, B., is NOT to spend any money improving local and State security unless we can prove fraud. So, what about the proof of entry into, and the manipulation of data within, election systems in almost a dozen States? It's not enough to show that happened, we need to prove the Russian Bear changed a vote or two, eh?

Please tell me how improving the security of our systems, which would incidently reduce the chances of voter fraud, is a bad idea. There was no suggestion of a "BILLION" dolllars to combat Russian fraud, but simply to fight fraud...maybe you like some kinds of fraud?

bearsense said...

The occupant of the oval office once said that he could shoot someone and get away with it. If the shootee was mcconnel, maybe so.

B said...

SHOW ME the "russian" entries into our election system. None have been tracked back to Russia. or russians.

It's like the claim that the "Russians" were the ones who broke into the DNC server. It's NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED.

And you claim that I have a closed mind?

Sarah said...

"B", I refer you to a document called "the Mueller Report", page 40. It documents an investigation on Russian GRU infiltration of DNC networks and (multiple) "servers". I think what's NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED by YOU is the Mueller Report and indictments.

"Unit 26165 officers appear to have stolen thousands of emails and attachments , which were later released by WikiLeaks in July 2016"

I am not sure what you're waiting for, a Florida election to be tipped by a few votes? Has that *ever* happened? I can't quite remember. Also from the report, page 59:

"Unit 74455 also sent spearphishing emails to public officials involved in election administration and personnel involved in voting technology. In August 2016, GRU officers targeted employees of /redacted/ , a voting technology company that developed software used by numerous U.S. counties to manage voter rolls, and installed malware on the company network. Similarly, in November 2016, the GRU sent spearphishing emails to over 120 email accounts used by Florida county officials responsible for administering the 2016 U .S. election."

Seriously, you should read it.

CenterPuke88 said...

Shhhhh, Sarah, you are ruining his moment.

bmq215 said...

Sarah, that wasn't on Fox or Infowars so it's obviously fake. Plus what about Hillary's emails??

B said...

How would know about the DNC server?
it has NEVER BEEN forensically examined by anyone but the DNC IT folks. We only have their word that it was the "Russians". And it was the DNC that started this whole "Russian" meme to explain why they lost the election.

Oddly, my company gets those "Spearfishing Emails" as well....and we have nothing to do with the DNC. But those emails with Malware still come from "Russian" IP addresses. I strongly doubt that the GRU is interested in my company to change election results.

But hey, if it helps you sleep at night to think that....

Show me one single vote changed by those "Russians". Just one.

Perhaps you should realize exactly what it is that the Mueller report DOESN'T say. But since you

B said...

have already made up your mind and WANT to believe...

Dark Avenger said...

B, you are wrong. Again.


Trump and his allies are capitalizing on a basic misapprehension of how computer intrusion investigations work. Investigating a virtual crime isn’t a like investigating a murder. The Russians didn’t leave DNA evidence on the server racks and fingerprints on the keyboards. All the evidence of their comings and goings was on the computer hard drives, and in memory, and in the ephemeral network transmissions to and from the GRU’s command-and-control servers.

When cyber investigators respond to an incident, they capture that evidence in a process called “imaging.” They make an exact byte-for-byte copy of the hard drives. They do the same for the machine’s memory, capturing evidence that would otherwise be lost at the next reboot, and they monitor and store the traffic passing through the victim’s network. This has been standard procedure in computer intrusion investigations for decades. The images, not the computer’s hardware, provide the evidence.

Both the DNC and the security firm Crowdstrike, hired to respond to the breach, have said repeatedly over the years that they gave the FBI a copy of all the DNC images back in 2016. The DNC reiterated that Monday in a statement to the Daily Beast.

CenterPuke88 said...

So we provide the evidence to B., and he moves the goalposts...

B said...

As you say.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., “SHOW ME”...Sarah did.

You mentioned the DNC and alleged no investigation, falsely. DA pointed that out...you deny it by acting like the ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal.

Must be awfully comfy in that cocoon...so let’s rock that boat:

“The Mueller report notes another successful breach in the summer of 2016, involving Illinois' voter registration system.

According to the report, Russian hackers successfully exploited a vulnerability in the state's Board of Elections website, giving them access to the records of millions of Illinois voters. The hackers were able to get personal information from 500,000 voters before the state detected and stopped the breach.

The report also noted that Russian military intelligence officers scanned multiple state and local election websites looking for vulnerabilities, including more than two dozen during a two-day period in July 2016.”

Hummmmmm, Russians, Illinois Election Systems, indictments issued for at least one GRU officer (Case 1:18-cr-00215-ABJ) regarding this event...sounds like it’s already been shown.

B said...

But it hasn't.

Some people looked around a computer system...maybe russians. Yet no one can point to a single vote that was invalidated or changed. understand the question.

I will repeat that so that you might understand the question:

Yet no one can point to a single vote that was invalidated or changed. understand the question.

So what votes were changed? who was not allowed to vote? What votes were invalidated?

What interference did all of the supposed cybercrime acutally accomplish?

And DA: If you really believe that the DNC folks tuned over copies of their server hard drives for examination by the FBI, letting all of their emails and other correspondence, all that data and communocations be read without a subpoena, then you might be as foolish as you sometimes appear. Remember, these are the people that were worried about the data on Weiner's laptop being read....

CenterPuke88 said...

I see, B. You are OK with the Russians in our voting systems, downloading data on voters and systems, as long as we don’t find evidence anything got changed? Do tell me if a voter who couldn’t vote would concern you? That’s a changed vote, is it not? Do you let people rummage around in your system as long as you see no evidence of them doing something...and how sure are you they did nothing? Basic security is to keep people out, not allow them to wander around taking notes.

Dark Avenger said...

B, I’ll repeat it for you:

Both the DNC and the security firm Crowdstrike, hired to respond to the breach, have said repeatedly over the years that they gave the FBI a copy of all the DNC images back in 2016. The DNC reiterated that Monday in a statement to the Daily Beast.