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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is China Outplaying Trump on Tariffs?

They may be because Trump views a trade war as a two-party fight, but the Chinese are using their tariffs to encourage Chinese importers to buy from other sources.
On average, it is now 14 percent cheaper in China to buy something from Canada, Japan, Brazil, or Europe than it is to buy something from the United States. Beijing is making it worthwhile for its consumers to develop new commercial relationships. And once those new ties are formed, the Chinese may not bother to switch back.
The article goes on to point out that Trump thought that nobody would ever retaliate for his imposing tariffs, an assumption that has proved to be laughable.

Meanwhile, Trump apparently spent most of his so-called campaign kickoff lambasting Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Trump has not yet gotten the memo that she isn't running for election. Besides that bit of stupidity, only a complete moron would think that Trump hasn't been campaigning since 1/21/17. He's been holding campaign rallies ever since he was inaugurated.


re the paragon said...

Outplaying Trump is about as difficult as it is to fake out a Golden Retriever by pretending to throw the tennis ball.

dinthebeast said...

The Orlando Sentinel, normally a Republican leaning paper, published an "endorsement" to coincide with Trump's campaign kick off there, in which they endorsed... not Trump.
They don't know as yet who they think should be president in 2021, but they are clear who the think should not be.

-Doug in Oakland