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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Probably the Only Time I'll Cite "Bloody Bill" Kristol, Plus Iran

I don't know why Dotard Donald had to add "(UK)" after "The Queen of England". Maybe there's another "Queen of England" who is also the Queen of Brazil?

More seriously, if things go sideways, who is going to speak for the United States? Trump is a notorious liar. Damn near everyone on the planet who has heard of Trump knows that he lies about anything and everything, all of the time. Every sentence he utters is a lie, including the articles, the conjunctions, and the punctuation.

So if Trump says that "Iran did it", who, other than Mitch McConnell and the Trumpanzees, is going to be inclined to believe it?


pigpen51 said...

I had an IM exchange with my son tonight, who is on one of the ships in the Arabian sea, as part of the USS Abraham Lincoln task force trying to keep Iran in check. While we could not speak for long, he wished me happy father's day. I have been writing to him, a little bit now and again, knowing that he would not get to read it that often, but wanting to keep him abreast of the media reports that we get about his actions in the Gulf of Oman.
In a roundabout discussion of the two oil cargo ships, he was able to mention to me that I should not believe everything that I am getting from the media. He implied that things over there were much more intense than we realize, and that each individual sailor was at a high stage of alertness.
Of course, I am very concerned for my son, but I am also very, very proud of my son, who extended his tour, in order to stay with his shipmates one more time. He didn't know at the time that it was not going to be more than just a good will tour of the mediterranean, but an actual mission in harms way. The one thing he has told me before was how very hot it is over there.

B said...

So, a typo...

Kinda like the "57 states" gaffe from Barry.

But, double standards and all. Hatred will burn you up inside.

CenterPuke88 said...

...as will constantly defending the indefensible.

Dark Avenger said...

Funny how the guy who called Obama "Barry" is concerned about hatred burning one up inside. Physician, heal thyself!

DTWND said...

"Will loose big..."
"honered to serve..."
"smocking gun"

And even more errors if you care to look. All this from the "man" who claimed he has the best words. This guy is an embarrassment to the United States. And yet, there are those that will defend him, excuse him, and support him unquestionably. Why? Because the previous president wasn't a white guy?