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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Planning on Coming to America?

Think hard about deleting all of your social media accounts.
Visa applicants to the United States are required to submit any information about social media accounts they have used in the past five years under a State Department policy that started on Friday.

Such account information would give the government access to photos, locations, dates of birth, dates of milestones and other personal data commonly shared on social media.
Other nations, no doubt, will follow suit. So if you plan to travel across a non-Schengen border, you may want to delete all of that shit, now.

1 comment:

0_0 said...

You wouldn't have ever found my personal data on social media, and precious little else.
If I don't know you already, you aren't getting friended nor added nor anything.
I try to tell the young 'uns not to put their info (and their babies'), but it is almost to no effect.