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Monday, June 17, 2019

Persian Gulf War 3.0

The Coalition of the (Un)Willing is going to be small this time around. For one thing, all of the players arguing that Something Must Be Done are, well, biased as all fuck.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to get America to shed its blood and treasure on Iran for decades. If he were to trip over a curb, he'd blame Iran.
  • John Bolton similarly has been trying to cook up a war with Iran for a very long time.  On the other hand, Bolton's been trying to start wars with everyone he can, other than possibly Liechtenstein and Andorra.  And I'm not sure about Andorra.
  • Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sultan, a/k/a Prince Bone Saw, is another of the "let's let the Americans die for us" caucus.  
  • Donald Trump, a man who lies only less frequently than he exhales. But only because he breathes in his sleep. Alost every day, you can find a news item that fact-checks Trump, which probably should be titled "Stupid Shit That Trump Said Today." The point being is that Trump lies about everything. You would have to be an idiot to buy anything from Trump, including a #2 pencil
These are the guys who are agitating for PG War 3.0. Only an utter fool would believe anything they say.

Which is something that the Iranians are well aware of and are exploiting.


Nangleator said...

Somebody better keep an eye on Eric Prince and whatever his group of mercenaries are called right now.

I'd like to think the U.S. Navy wouldn't let themselves be used as a terrorist arm of the U.S. military, no matter how much profit the already-rich people will gain from throwing American kids into the grinder.

The New York Crank said...

I disagree with Nangleator. Never bet on the inability or unwillingness of the United States to get itself into a ruinous conflict that it can't get itself out of. And when Trump is President, multiply that by 10.

As for Eric Prince, he can't recruit a mercenary force large enough to do anything in Iran except get itself killed. Iran is a relatively big, relatively heavily populated, relatively sophisticated country compared to others that ate us alive. (See: Afghanistan, Iraq, even Bay of Pigs.) At best, Prince and Trump and Bolton can hope that a Prince's force of Hessians will get brutally wiped out while the cameras are rolling, thus providing a "justification" for sending in massive troops following a massive bombardment to "soften them up."

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Nangleator said...

I assumed the next "attack" will come from a few people in the wrong place, with weapons they shouldn't have. Just enough of an attack so that Shithole can wave a bloody shirt. That's why I was thinking mercenaries.

w3ski said...

Last I read, Vegas gives 3 to 2 we will go to war with Iran.
just saying