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Monday, June 3, 2019

The Consequences of Institutionalized Child-Raping

Not to mention slavery of unwed mothers is that when the scandals came to light, the Catholic Church in Ireland has lost its moral authority. RCC opposition to a law in Ireland now seems as though it almost guarantees passage.

The chains of the people that were imposed by the prelates in Ireland have been shattered.

Of course, in Canada, Quebec was able to break the stranglehold of the RCC without any scandals that I can recall, other than maybe the piss-poor educational system.

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Glenn Kelley said...

Quebec wasn't a lot better than any where else . In the 1960s the Duplessis regime changed all the schools where illegitimate children were housed from schools to insane asylums because the federal gov't paid a larger subsidy for the insane than for the children . This was with the approval of the RCC who ran the homes . The educational standards were allowed to slip .

Sexual abuse was rampant in Newfoundland . Look up Mount Cashel Orphanage.
It really makes you wonder about the Irish Church . There was a lot of Irish immigration to Newfoundland . Dublin ,Boston , Mount Cashel .