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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Windows 10 Blocking

A utility to do that for you.

Windows 10 is both spyware and adware and Microsoft is doing its utmost to ram it down the throats of the users of Win 7/8. Although it's going to nearly kill me to say goodbye to WordPerfect, my next computer will run some other OS.


Doug T. said...

I didn't realize Word Perfect still existed. I liked it back in the day. I forget why I had to switch to Windows (probably to accommodate students). Then I switched to Mac and Word for Mac. I hate Windows.

Comrade Misfit said...

The current version is WP18, which they cal "X8". There's a "classic mode" in iWP that allows it to look like WP5.

hans said...

got an old 'puter around? install Linux Mint and start playing with it.... with WINE on it you should be able to run almost any Windows app... if you put it on a 'puter like an i5 with 8 or 12 gigs of RAM you can run a virtual instance of Windows 2000 and all that implies

avsutton said...

There's a number of free word-manipulating apps out there (and of course I forget the names of the websites, sue me, I'm old). I'll go look one up... brb. Found it!!! Try this one, it's free, we use it in our office and now I even use it at home. It's a full not-Office Office Suite!

Marc said...

Check with BadTux about the various linux installs, if you're not into Apple. He has the experience to give you a solid start.

Eck! said...

I've long switched to Open Office or the follow on Librae Office
its as good as the M$ stuff without the wallet bite.

Then again WP might run under wine just fine. Or better yet
run winders under virtual box. Its a great way to run those
truly locked in win ap's.


wolfbitch said...

And I just noticed that I left the link out of my post. Again, sue me, I'm old. But thanks to Eck! we are all saved, because the link is https://www.libreoffice.org/.

Totally free. Totally Office-y. Totally open source and it runs on any OS.

offlogic said...

My simple inoculation against LOSE10 is asymmetric processors in my multicore. It just can't handle those. Of course it still tries the automated upsell, but it just don't run on my machine.