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" -- Unknown

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tool Selection; Election Edition

The Donald and Hillary are absolute tools. As opposed to either one of them, it would seem that in the general election, if the other party had nominated a reasonable candidate that would appeal to independents and disaffected voters fo the other party, that they would win in a walk.[1]

Of course, enough of the base voters of each party being morons, that's not what happened.

"Vote for Me, Because You Hate My Opponent More."

Clinton is amoral and somewhat venal, Trump is amoral, venal to his core and a conspiracy-freak lunatic.

Where can I enter the lottery for a chance at the ticket on one of the off-world colony ships?
[1] Not Ted Cruz.


Joe said...

How are your telephone-sanitizing skills?

CenterPuke88 said...

Maybe she's descended from the hairdresser branch?

Keaaukane said...

Per your footnote, you specifically said "reasonable" candidate, so Ted Cruz was excluded.

3383 said...

I'm writing in Paul Ryan on my primary ballot.
Don't know what I'll do at election time.

Comrade Misfit said...

Don't know what I'll do at election time.

I'm going with "drinking heavily."

Anonymous said...

Which one would be more responsible with the nuke codes?

If Trump wins, moving to New Zealand to avoid the fallout....

-Jack, Cold Warrior, US Army, 1/6 Infantry, 76-79

Anonymous said...

Vote. Throw up. Make some popcorn, drink heavily, smoke some weed. Rinse and repeat.