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Monday, May 2, 2016

Doesn't Matter if They Release the "Saudi Papers" or Not.

By now, you're probably familiar with the brouhaha over whether the 28 redacted pages of the 9-11 Report should be released or not. The pages allegedly discuss the involvement of Saudi Arabia in funding the attacks. The CIA Director, among others, say that the pages are "inaccurate". The Saudis have threatened economic retaliation, maybe more over the prospect of being sued.

I suspect that it really doesn't matter. It's likely widely assumed that some of the officials in the Saudi government, or some of the royal family (which is very large) were funding al Qaeda. Saudi Arabia is a country that I would call a "frenemy", in that they have been active in spreading an intolerant Islamic sect around the world. Ideologically and theologically, the two countries should be enemies. Economically and geopolitically, well, that's a different story. Geopolitics is first over all (which is why we allied with the USSR during the Second World War/Great Patriotic War), with economics a close second (why we're nominally friends, at least for now, with China).

But yeah, I doubt that anyone truly believes that the Saudis didn't have a hand in the 9-11 attacks.

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