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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Love May be What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru,
But Better Parts Might Make It a Usable Car.

Subaru of America said on Thursday it is recalling 48,500 new U.S. vehicles because of a serious potential steering issue and warned owners not to drive them until they are inspected and repaired if needed. ... Subaru said the steering column in the recalls may have been improperly built and turning the steering wheel may have no effect on the direction of the wheels.
If you have one, you may not want to drive the car, especially if it still has the Airbags of Death installed.


CenterPuke88 said...

Yea, but it looks like they got the memo on not trying to cover it up...I'll take that.

B said...

Amd they aren't bad parts, but assembled incorrectly.

By American labor, no less. In Lafayette, Indiana.

Just poor quality controls.

But I can attest that is a sucky feeling. I had a steering arm break once on an old beater. Luckily it was in town at about 20 mile per hour, so no harm....but it does suck to turn the wheel and have nothing happen.

BadTux said...

The Airbags of Death are because one of the two (2) suppliers of airbags on the planet fucked up. As are the fuel balls of death, which I mentioned on my blog once as the main reason why we couldn't increase the percentage of alcohol in our fuel even if it were a good idea to put so much corn into our gas tanks (the deal being there are two -- 2 -- manufacturers of gas tanks in the entire world now, and one of them for years used a inlet tipover valve made out of a plastic that swells when alcohol hits it and makes the car unfuelable until the gas tank is replaced). Consolidation in the supplier industry has resulted in a situation where one supplier fucking up ends up fucking up millions of cars from multiple makes.

Not that this is what happened to these Subarus, which appears to be an assembly line fuckup...