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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

One Down, One Not

Ted Cruz hoisted the white flag. The #NeverTrump campaign has slipped beneath the waves, leaving only the wreckage of a national party.

Bernie beat Hillary in Indiana.


dinthebeast said...

I kinda would have liked to see Cruz get nominated and then crushed in the general, just as a fuck you to all of those "we lost because our candidate wasn't conservative enough" yahoos who are so annoying every four years. Not that they would learn anything from it, just for amusement.

-Doug in Oakland

Gerald Parks said...

Doug ...I hear you!

However ...how sweet is it gonna be when the GOP/Republican front runner, birther in Chief, overt racist, misogynist, rich frat boy/bully get his ass handed to him in the general election in a landslide by a woman ... a Clinton at that!

A LOSER in the USA and the international stage in the popular and the electoral vote!

His picture will be in the definition of LOSER!