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Saturday, May 14, 2016

It was a Bad Idea for Me to Overestimate the Viewing Public, Overseas Edition

I was very dismissive at the idea of Tom Cruise playing the role of Jack Reacher; not the least because when compared to the description of Reacher in the novels, Cruise is a pretty-boy midget.

The movie didn't do that well in the U.S., but it played well to foreigners. Maybe they re-dubbed it.

A sequel will soon hit the theaters, which will be yet another movie I won't go see.


Doug T. said...

I agree that if you have read the Reacher novels Cruise is an odd choice. But when I finally broke down and got it from Netflix, seemed to me that he did a much better job than I expected. I thought he portrayed some of the Reacher hard ass well, even though he couldn't cause the physical damage Reacher does.

David said...

Got to agree with Doug, I put off seeing the movie for a long time because of the disparity between Lee Childs' Reacher and Mr. Cruise, who I think is a sawed off SOB.

However, he managed to portray the character very well, and I liked it in spite of myself. I'll end up seeing the sequel too.