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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arabian Horses

So I was recently at a lunchtime presentation for a civic-service club to which I am a member. The presentation was about a youth program wherein the yoots ride Arabian horses in competition.

There were about six people at my table. I muttered: "Only an Arab would bring..." and two people finished it up: "... a dog to war."

I was surprised that anyone else remembered that movie. After all, it was a massive bomb.

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Anonymous said...

I can't help it, it must be said. Bullshit, no Arabian horse ever needed a spur. (Referring here to the movie scene.) As it enters your mind, the horse is already there and doing it.

I never especially cared for Arabians as I liked long-striding Thoroughbreds but fate saw to it that I rode a Polish Arabian the last 12 years of my riding life. What a joy. What a revelation. Very smart, agile, and kind. They will kill themselves to please you if you have the sense to reach them but they will not be forced. My lad looked dangerously hot but would break himself in half to avoid hurting you. Safe and understanding with small children and old people (me) but would "style out" and put on an impressive show when the circumstances felt right.

You probably can't tell it but I loved that horse. ;)

Jay in N.C.