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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Facebook: a Veritable Festival of Morons

This was on my FB feed:

The possible reason that less than 2% of people will "like" that photo may be because 98% of them will either recognize the photo as being one of the cast of the movie Tropic Thunder or will at least recognize the man in the middle of the group-- Ben Stiller.


Anonymous said...

With Jack Black at the far right, and the Black SGT between Black and Stiller, played by Robert Downey Jr.! Fracking Funny send up of Hollywood phonies. Best "movie within a movie" since "The Stunt Man" starring Peter O'Toole.

-Jack, Cold War Germany, mech Infantry officer, 76-79, Active Dutu 75-80.

avsutton said...

So far, I've gotten three copies of that thing, and politely but firmly informed the posters that that ain't the Viet Nam war but a damn movie.

I'm thinking of giving up on humanity at this point.