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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Fine Whine of the NYPD

The NYPD is whining that the murder of Walter Scott by an on-duty cop in South Carolina is going to make all cops look bad.

Ya think? That dirtbag in blue was caught using a variant of the old "throwdown gun" technique to justify his murderous act. That gambit has been whispered of for decades, but now, finally, one of the cops has been caught planting evidence.*

So yes, when a cop guns someone down and says "there's the gun/knife/club he threatened me with", fucking-a right people are going to wonder about it. That particular blue-suited killer said that the dead guy had the cop's taser and he was in fear for his life. All lies.

And as for the NYPD, they've had their own problem with overzealous policing and excessive force. But I probably don't need to hash over that, do I?
* Not to mention a previous complaint for excessive force that was swept under the rug. And the first cop at the scene after Scott was murdered? He stomped on the face of a man being arrested.


dinthebeast said...

Not ALL cops. Just the poltroons who fire when startled, angered, or annoyed. I don't know how many of them that covers, but I'd really like to find out. A lot.

-Doug in Oakland

Robert Fowler said...

Maybe they should clean up their own house first. There's a reason back up guns are called "New York reloads".