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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Didn't Intend To, Honest; Bangity Edition (& Gun- Tab Clearing)

No, I didn't intend to. But a local gunshop is relocating and they are selling stuff not much above cost, just so they don't have to pack it.

So I picked up a Smith & Wesson 6946.

Two magazines and the price was what would have been about right maybe four or five years back. The only real minus is that it has Trijicon night sights that have long since given up the ghost. Trijicon will relamp them for under $60 and all I have to send in is the slide, so I don't have to deal with the hassles of sending in a handgun for servicing.

In case you're not a Smith nerd, this model is a double-action only. It's true "grip and rip". Like a revolver, there's no safety other than the weight of a double-action trigger. The 6946 wasn't made for very long, maybe eight years or so.

A long time ago, a man who knew a bit about guns advised me that, when I buy a used self-litterer, to change the recoil spring. This photo shows why:

From left to right: A new recoil spring, the one that came out of the 6946, and the one that came out of the 6906.

I took it to the range the day after I bought it. Switching from strong hand to weak hand (offhand both times), I was able to pretty much blow the center out of a silhouette target at seven yards, despite the shininess of the dead night sights. The trigger is smooth. This one is a serious keeper.


Gun Digest seems to be bringing the stupid these days, with an article that calls for CCW as a response to terrorism. There are good reasons to pack a gun. This is about as far down the list as one can get without getting into "defending yourself from a sharknado" territory.

Also, Remington, the makers of the R51, are bringing out a new micro-.380, because there aren't already a crap-load of those things on the market. Hell, I'm surprised that Remington hasn't decided to bring out one of them newfangled double-action revolvers.


Phil said...

I'm liking that pistola.
I am way the hell overdue to get something that doesn't go round and round when you pull the trigger anyway.

Comrade Misfit said...

If you can find a 6946 or its single-stack sibling, the 3964, at a price you can tolerate, you should. A S&W guru told me that those are about the perfect 3rd gen carry guns.

(But try the trigger.)

Anonymous said...

"..blow the center out of a silhouette target at seven years,..."

Transtemporal shooting would be a great superpower, wouldn't it?


Comrade Misfit said...

I fixed it. Thanks for the catch.