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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kudos to the Balmer Cops For a Nice Job of Riot-Starting

Which is pretty much what they did. The cops didn't allow the kids to take the buses home. The cops, in essence, came openly ready for a riot and treated everyone as though they were going to riot.

And so, a riot they got.

On another note, calling Whole Paycheck Foods a bunch of "kale-powered eco-fascists" is one of the better insults of late.


CenterPuke88 said...

Just waiting for Murphy to chime in with some comment about how none of those kids was innocent, they were all scum who deserved to be beaten and arrested. I just wonder what world he lives in?

Nangleator said...

I'm still wondering if there's a conscious effort to start a race war, or if all these provocations are just a result of the conservative mindset.

The openly-declared race war people are, of course, interested in full-on genocide.

Comrade Misfit said...

Enough with the personal attacks, please. Do I need to start warming up the delete key?

w3ski said...

You are so correct that the cops created this riot
In the 60's riots I was a Berkeley High School student. My interests at the time were more in the areas of the other sex and getting High, so when they threw the gas, I went Home.
My main transportation at the time was public bus.
If the cops had shut down the buses and wouldn't let me get home then I would have been much more inclined to throw rocks with the rest. Why go down quietly?
They have to give the crowd a way out of the spectacle or it really turns into a disaster.
As to the rioters themselves? I wish them luck but I know they only betray their cause with the destruction.
Cracking heads and getting gassed never really did much for Berkeley or the effort to end the Nam War.
It was when you had the 'Olds' and the mothers with babies in strollers marching that change began.
I feel sorry for the rioters and I feel sorry for the cops too.
How does "Change" ever happen because we sure need some here and Now?

Sport Pilot said...

Interesting post and I'll look for further reports but for the record I'm skeptical on the reporting source. Still there's a lot of blame to go around in the entire mess going on in Baltimore. They'll be mudslinging aplenty with a lot of high profile and questionable reporting. If fault is found and charges brought then let due process follow.

Murphy's Law said...

Kudos to Whole Foods for supporting the folks who have to do the hard work. Let the protesters/looters/thugs go home and eat their WIC food or use their EBT cards if they're hungry. No one is forcing them to go act a fool in the streets, but because they chose to do so anyway, thousands of police officers and citizen-soldier Guardsmen have to be there to protect the decent folks.

CenterPuke88 said...

Please re read the story. It detailed how the police systematically prevented people from leaving the area, endangering them...in particular minors. When the police corral you and refuse to allow you to leave an area, who isn't being coerced?

Also, could you share the data that shows which of the individuals involved are enrolled in WIC? You seem to be sure all of them are, please provide the data.

As for thousands of police officers and citizen-soldier Guardsmen, the entire department is right at 3000 and only 500 Guard were deployed Tuesday night. I suspect you just cribed from the NYT's story.

B said...

While Murph and I are generally on the opposite side , here I gotta agree with him.

Decent people don't burn buildings, loot stores or other mob action just because.

If it were up to me, I'd give the order to disperse, wait 10, then the order again....wait 5... then I'd shoot 'em. give people a chance to leave, but those who persist in rioting don't deserve more.

Once something like that happened, riots would stop. But since they know they can get a way with the behavior, the do it.

And Kudos to whole foods. Fuck the thugs. I doubt any kids starved because the school wasn't feeding the. And I didn't see any cleanup crews volunteering to do more than "clean up" by looting......

Murphy's Law said...

Someone on another site said it better: "The thugs can just go eat the nachos that they stole last night."

hans said...

Whole Foods really fk'd teh pooch w that one - they shoulda brought out tables, barrels of potato salad, slaw, beer, burgers, ribs, n franks n thrown a picnic for everybody