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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ka-Zap: Power Usage Edition

On a per-capita basis, can you guess which state uses the most energy? And which state uses the least?


The top user of energy is Wyoming.

The least user is Rhode Island. (California is 49th).

The data.

Of course, California makes some sense. Much of the state is temperate (Hawaii is 48th). But some of it isn't. Some pretty cold places are far down on the list: Vermont is 46th, New York is 50th. Remember, that data is all forms of energy, not just electrical.

As for electrical usage on a per-capita basis, Wyoming is still #1, but California is dead-last. All of the New England states are in the bottom 10.


3383 said...

At first I thought maybe heavy industry had a big effect, but, still- Wyoming? Now I wonder about energy cost- PG&E has to pay employees higher because California! and we are still paying for the Enron-induced panic. Maybe NY and New England charge a lot?

Joe said...

WY, AK, ND, LA ... the top four are big fossil-fuel producers. Then there's a 50% drop-off to #5. Guess you've got to spend energy to make energy.