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Saturday, April 11, 2015

R51, Redux

LawDog mentioned that Remington has announced that they are re-releasing the R51, supposedly all fixed now.

Shouldn't they call it the R51.1?

Old NFO reports that if you own a Para Ordnance gun and you need repairs on it, you're going to be shit outta luck. Remington will only repair guns made after they acquired para.

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B said...

I got news for ya. I own 2 they have no parts or ANY paras right now. I called looking for a recoil spring. No dice. aAnd this was for one post 2011. (I shoot a lot). Suggested that I buy one from Kimber, as it is nearly the same part (3" 1911).

Supposed to be parts available after JULY. Parts may or may not be available for older models, but supposedly warranty (lifetime warranty) fixes will be honored sometime in the future.