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Monday, April 13, 2015

Don't Forget These Guys; American Stasi Edition

Remember, it's not just the NSA who's been spying on you. The DEA has been doing it for decades. The FBI, local cops and the ATF practice their own degree of jack-booted fuckery, as well.

And they lie about it.

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danny j said...

Back in 1969, a friend of mine was arrested for conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance (DMT).

In the trial, the cops entered transcripts from their phone tap. Well, those transcripts included private conversations between my friend and his wife while they were alone in their bedroom!

Not phone calls. Just conversations in a room with a phone sitting on the receiver in their bedroom.

We figured the cops probably entered those parts of the transcripts into evidence by mistake. But either they'd planted a bug they never admitted to, or the mic in that phone don't stop working just because the phone is hung up.

Now, we know that our cell phones can be monitored (including the camera), even when they're turned off.

Sleep tight.