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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Real Surprise Is That the TSA Didn't Taze the Baby

Because there is no reaction like an over-reaction.
The spirit of Osama bin Ladin has to be laughing itself silly.  This nation has spend untold hundreds of billions of dollars, at all levels of government, in this massive production of Security Theater. There is no rationality to it, anymore (if there ever was).  The politicians aren't going to dismantle it, for if any politico were to seriously go after our Ever Burgeoning National Security Apparatus, they would be labelled "soft on terrorism" by their political opponents.  And come the next successful terrorist attack, guess who'd get the blame?

There will be another attack of some kind.  So far, we've been lucky, in a way, that most of the wannabee terrorists are stupid enough to go for elaborate plots where they need lots of logistical support.  They've been oblivious to the point that the two of the asswipes who succeeded, the Norwegian Asswipe and the Fort Hood Asswipe, did their killing the same way:  They identified areas where there were a lot of people who could be counted on to be unarmed and they commenced to shooting them.  But we cannot continue to count on future attackers being as dumb as the Time Square Asswipe.

In the meantime, under the guise of "keeping us safe", more and more Americans are coming to regard their government as some out-of-control hydra-headed monster, with the Port Authority cops at Newark going into spasms over an unsearched diaper and with the TSA sponsoring police state style checkpoints.

Sooner or later, the massive national security apparatus is going to figure out that they have enough troops and guns and that they don't need to answer to the drooling boobs up on Capitol hill, let alone the President.

And then we all will be truly screwed.


bearsense said...

I wonder if they confiscated the diaper pins ???
I feel safer now.

w3ski said...

Hey don't laugh. I've been a parent, diaper pins ARE wicked.

Cujo359 said...

In the meantime, under the guise of "keeping us safe", more and more Americans are coming to regard their government as some out-of-control hydra-headed monster

Have you discovered evidence of this? I'm rather surprised at the lack of outrage over the TSA's stated need to feel our johnsons or x-ray us every time we board a a plane. It's as though no loss of freedom, and no level of personal humiliation, is too much to put up with in the interest of not having one's plane hijacked by brown people.

Admittedly, my circle of acquaintances is limited these days, but I don't see any more outrage than I did a few years ago.