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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NYPD: Will Stop and Frisk Women to Prevent Sex Crimes

That sounds outrageous, no doubt, but that is exactly the NYPD's rationale for stopping and searching Black and Hispanic men:
At a recent City Council hearing on “stop, question and frisk,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly testified that 96% of shooting victims in New York are people of color and therefore, stopping and questioning suspicious individuals in minority communities is justified.
This can go even further: If the cops determine that white males in luxury cars are subject to being carjacked, then the cops should start pulling over Acuras and Beemers to search the cars and frisk the drivers.

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Nangleator said...

Used to be the Catholic Church was the awesomest place if you were a pervert. Now it's the cops! Join the cop-a-feel force and force your way into any skirt or pair of pants you fucking feel like feeling up! And, if your victim puts up a fight, murder them!