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Monday, April 16, 2012

Buy-a-Gun Day

Since income taxes are due tomorrow, tomorrow would be BAG Day. I'm not where I can buy one and I'm not sure what I would get.

So I'll settle for going to the pistol range and buying the range time.

When it comes to buy a new gun, though, I'm leaning towards a .44 Special snubbie. Outside of the range of "Crimus, that thing costs as much as one of them HKs made of miracle Kraut polyester", that pretty much leaves the Taurus 445 (discontinued), Rossi 720 (ditto) and the Charter Arms Bulldog for reasonable priced weapons.

Used S&W 696s and 296s sell for the price of a new J-frame Smith. So ditch that.


w3ski said...

Comrade be careful what you wish for. I had a Ruger SA .44 mag and aside from 'clearing the range' it had no real value. If I lived in Alaska maybe, but here in Ca. there was no shot that 7& 1/2 barrel would make with that big round that my 6" .357 wouldn't make more accurately and with less blast. My .357 will shoot a cloverleaf at 25 yards, that .44 would hit the gong well but not with precision. I know you want short barreled power but I'd say buy an extra box or 2 of what you shoot and leave the .44 for a collection you may have someday. Something like a hot 125gr .357 is plenty of power for defense.

OldRetiredDude said...

Check out the Judge by Taurus I think, shoots either a .410 shotgun shell or .45 LC. Great for close up self defense and snake charming.

Comrade Misfit said...

The Judge is too big for me for CCW.

Frank W. James said...

I've got a 696 I'll sell ya. Drop me a reply at my blog with your email. I won't publish and we will discuss it. All The Best, Frank W. James

Comrade Misfit said...

Frank, done.

I've never even seen a 696. How is it for carrying?

Frank W. James said...

Truthfully, It's a little on the large side of things for extremely discreet concealed carry. It is an L-frame Smith. It's not a pocket gun.

I used this thing for awhile as a steering column gun (holster zip tied to the column under the dash ala Humphry Bogart in The Big Sleep). It worked extremely well in that application, but then I sold the vehicle and kept the gun. Since then it's been a safe queen.

It works very well in a hip holster or a shoulder holster, but most today want more BB's over the big bullet concept.

To each his own...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Comrade Misfit said...

Frank, I tend to go the "big bullet" way.

w3ski said...

Dearest Comrade
I'd so love to chat with you someday, about stragety. I do live in a totally different enviroment : ie end of the road in the country, versus a street in the city, but I like your attitude. I don't actually have a permit, but open carry in open land is accepted. I am Not afraid of confrontation, I have 3 dogs and two of which are over 100 pounds. They warn me of any approach withing a half mile. I have both sniping capability as well as semi-auto rapid fire. I have a number of weapons all geared toward accuracy.
Never enough ammo but .....
It would be a pleasure to someday speak with you.
You have a no nonsense of self defense that my people seem to lack.
I grew up with volumes of gun magazines, a few real weapons and a military view of self defense: to protect Life, only.
Retreat for property and kill first if threatened.
So much I would love to someday speak with you about.
Good Luck in your "new life" as well as the old.

Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, if it's about guns that you want to talk, I'm probably pretty far down the list of who you should talk to. One of the other commenters on this thread is a real gun pro. I'm just an amateur.