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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dead Candidate Walking, or "Let the Flip-Flopping Begin!"

Newtie says that he is staying in the GOP nomination race. While Gingrich might indeed want to debate Romney, Mittens will probably regard a debate with Gingrich as akin to getting into a conversation with a crazy street preacher.

Gingrich bounced his check for the filing fee for the Utah primary. His campaign has to be running out of gas to bounce a $500 check.

Mittens is going to spend the next several months disavowing every position that he staked out during the primary campaign, including that he is not really a "severe conservative", but a oh-slightly-to-the-right-of-center moderate. You can bet your ass that the Obama campaign is not going to miss an opportunity to remind the voters of every batshit thing that Romney has said in his campaign to convince conservatives that he wasn't really a moderate.

The question is whether or not moderates will buy Mitten's upcoming flip-flopping routine and whether conservatives will trust Romney to be anything other than a paler version of Barack Obama. Some of them apparently see Mittens as just an echo.


Peter said...

Not so much an echo as a mirror. "Through a glass, darkly" . . .


Comrade Misfit said...

So what do principled conservatives do? Vote for the Libertarian candidate? Hold their noses and vote for Flip-flop Mitt? Stay home?

bearsense said...

"principled" conservatives left the party long ago.
.....or is it that the party left them ??

Joe said...

Either #1 or #3 would be fine with me.

BadTux said...

The Romneybot does not have beliefs. The Romneybot has carefully calculated and computed positions tailored specifically for whatever audience he happens to be talking to at a given time. The fact that these positions often contradict yesterday's carefully calculated and computed positions is irrelevant, because The Romneybot is rebooted every morning and never saves anything to hard disk between reboots.

It will be sooo appropriate getting robo-calls from the robo-candidate's campaign this fall...

- Badtux the Calculating Penguin