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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is the GOP Holding an Internal "Who's the Looniest" Contest?

I have to wonder about that. Republicans in the Tennessee legislature are on a crusade to stop kids from holding hands. Meanwhile, in Arizona, the state has defined life as beginning up to two weeks before conception.

Odd how all these people get so worked up over the purported rights of fetuses. But once those fetuses are born, those same people don't give a shit what happens after that. I'll bet that if one correlated anti-abortion bills with state support for education, one would find that the less a state spends per pupil, the greater the so-called "pro-life" restrictions.

Republicans seem to be pro-life, but they have great antipathy, if not outright hostility, for people who are living their lives.


LRod said...

Note also that the Venn diagram of anti-abortionists and pro-capital punishments is concentric circles, only slightly different in diameter (I think it may be possible to be pro-capital punishment and pro-choice at the same time, hence the different diameters).

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

Eck! said...

It's critical to have a sufficient number of proles with adequate education
to perform their assigned tasks.

In English, we have a shortage of under educated indentured workers. They only have to dig holes and vote for us. Oh, and worship a specific doG.


D. said...

Misery, bad treatment, lies, and death; these are results of conservative Republican rule. (The opposite is less misery, better treatment, different lies, and death. Maybe I should search for a sane political philosophy. Did Chairman Meow just blink at me?)

Comrade Misfit said...

Guess he agrees with you.

Don M said...

with regard to people who are born. If you want to help them, I will not stop you.

Don M said...

Oddly, most early deaths in the last century occurred under some name like "Socialist" or "Communist". Of course a fair number of lied went along with that.

By comparison with the Socialists and Communists, the Democrats of that time had to content themselves with a few minor Marine interventions in Banana republics, and the occasional lynching of a black man.

Republicans didn't do that killing thing quite as much.