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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Quote of the Day

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall lose his own soul, and still not gain enough votes to become speaker of the House?

--Paul Krugman


Stewart Dean said...

What hits me about this situation (no longer a Klown Show and steadily moving beyond shit show status) is the spectacle of "grown" men acting two-year olds, spouting the most transparently fantastical delusions as facts, talking about how only they can fix things when they themselves are the ones that broke it....and that there are *no* adults in the GOP, just megalomaniacal deluded toddlers screaming NO! if that was any kind of leadership, any kind of response to reality, any way forward. Their action plan isn't even hope, it's screaming and throwing ketchup (or even blood) at the walls. With a popular base of the same "mind".

Cue another Downfall remix...though with the whole GOP losing it, not just McCarthy

We can only hope (action plan again) that enough of the GOP base will see this mad Götterdämmerung for what it actually is and rebuild a reality-based Right with principles, intelligence and willingness to compromise. Yeah, right.

Stewart Dean said...

Lord...It's been done already