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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Set Phasers to “Deep Fry,” Mr. Chekov

War in Europe. Antisemitism on the rise. White supremacists trying to intimidate people by acts of murder. Back-alley abortionists and a sort of underground railroad for pregnant women. A global pandemic. A new McCarthy Committee.

Whoever ordered a replay of the worst aspects of the first half of the last century, I'd like a word with you.

That is all.

More later.

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Dark Avenger said...

In a surprising move, Azathoth, the Crawling Nuclear Chaos who slumbers at the center of the Universe, issued a press release about his disappointment with Vladmir Putin in falling short of bringing terror, death and global annihilation to the world. Thru his spokesentity and Messenger of the Old Ones Nyarlathotep, he had to admit that the stars were in fact, not right, and that Steve Bannon “would pay dearly for his incompetence”.