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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Look for Cuts in Veterans Benefits

Two congressmen are once again urging Americans to express support for troops and veterans by saying "thank you for our freedom" instead of "thank you for your service."

Republican Rep. Jack Bergman of Michigan, a retired Marine lieutenant general, and Rep. Lou Correa, a Democrat from California, first introduced the measure last fall as a way to "renew and affirm" Americans' commitment to troops. But it failed to pass

Yes, I am cynical in this regard. There's a local hospital that, on the one hand, has big banners up on the parking garage lauding its staff as "health care heros" while, at the same time, trying to pay much of its staff poverty wages and providing really shitty medical insurance to them.

This bill to encourage people to thank people for serving is cringeworthy. It's the short of no-cost, feel-good measure that one might reasonably expect from a bunch of politicians who are looking to be able to say that they did something for the troops.

1 comment:

seafury said...

Totally agree. But Rick Scott( Asshole, FL) or Ron Johnson (Jerk, WI) could say it a lot better thank I could, but aren't we asking an awful lot of our achiever class? Isn't it about time we ask our seniors and vets to help row the boat too? Giving them a free ride sends the wrong message to our younger generation.