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Friday, June 3, 2022

X + Y = Z

As in "X Percent of Americans Are in Favor of Y Equals Zip Point Shit."

For the sake of this post, X can be anything. Gun control. Abortion. Eating whale meat. Heating homes with coal. Repealing child labor laws. Burning Mitch McConnell at the stake.

It's all pointless, because, as you should know, that's not how things work. We elect politicians to enact things we'd like to see. Which means that if the person you're voting for is not in favor of your pet issue, it matters not. Because most people are not single-issue voters; if their candidate is good on some issues but not on others, then they mauch chose not to worry about the points of disagreement.

But if there is a subset of voters who are single-issue voters, then those voters can excercise an outsized influence.

Which is why Biden's clarion call to do something about guns will go largely unanswered.


Jimmy T said...

The House will pass it, but in the Senate there exists a critical mass of neigh sayers. So more children and adults will die on the altar of freedumb...

B said...

"Which is why Biden's clarion call to do something about guns will go largely unanswered"

Which shows why our Founding Fathers chose a Democratic Republic over a Democracy.

Ten Bears said...

Mark that on the calendar, * got one right! Calls to do something will only go answered when they come from the elite, the men of property: the (white) land and slave owners, grant-holders, the bankers and insurers, the speculators, capitalists; the Tories, those who actually are allowed to participate, to vote, in a by definition democratic republic. Not Joe Six-Pack. Joe Six-Pack is ruled by those who vote amongst themselves ... who is to rule. A Democratic Republic.

Biden's calls to do something will go unanswered, yes, it's got nothing to do with him.

Before I get flamed: this rises to the level of Hillary's e-mails: I defended her, as a Micro$oft Certified Systems Engineer and Educator, against all that bald-faced bullshit even though I didn't support her; defending Joe Biden doesn't necessarily mean I support him. He's as Catholic as the Gestapo Court, and his politicking down through the years have done me harm, personally, three times. Never-the-less, laying this on him is bullshit ...

Stewart Dean said...

It's been pointed out that the GOP no longer has a platform (a stated agenda of proposed actions and laws to be enacted). This is actually missing the plans of the GOP "behind the curtain", which is to block everything the Dems try to do, constantly trash-talk their governance and scream NO!!!!...in effect, poisoning the well of governance....and then saying, "See, governance doesn't work!". May the real silent majority awake and give them a thrashing at the midterms. But I'm not holding my breath.