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Friday, June 10, 2022

The Shell Crisis

Nearly four months after Russia invaded, the Ukrainian military is struggling in the artillery war in the country’s east, because it is running short of Soviet-era ammunition and has not received enough from its allies to keep the Russians at bay, Ukrainian officials and artillery officers in the field say.

On the front lines in the Donbas, those shortages have meant that Ukrainian soldiers are conserving their shells and often are unable to return fire one-for-one

I don't know who makes shells for Russian artillery pieces, so other than handing over stocks on hand, NATO nations would have to supply Western guns and shells. Which means that we all need to ramp up production to get around this current iteration of a shell crisis.


Tod Germanica said...

Daily Kos is my go-to for the war news, along with 19fortyfive and Oryx, and they've reported that Ukraine is already transitioning to Western arty systems and ammo and probably have been training on them for some time. All longer ranging and more precise than Ivan's old stuff Ukraine traditionally deploys. Hope that's true.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

The June weapons muddle aka the shift to NATO kit.

CenterPuke88 said...

MSM Group in the Slovak Republic, perhaps: