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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Shed a Tear for the Richest Asshole on the Planet

Elon Musk says Tesla's new factories in Germany and the US are "losing billions of dollars" due to battery shortages and supply disruptions in China.

The multi-billionaire also called the plants in Berlin and Austin, Texas "gigantic money furnaces".
The plants are "losing billions of dollars right now. There's a ton of expense and hardly any output," he added in an interview with the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley, a company-recognised club.



Paul said...

A smart businessman would have set up backup alternative suppliers, especially when dealing with an arrogant nation like China.

Also, stop punching downward Elon. It makes you look more of an (bleep)hole than you already are.

Tod Germanica said...

This is the 'pedo guy', blood emerald, rich, racist republican who already used Twitter to smear cave rescue heroes. Ask any astronomer about Mr Musk. His entitled arrogance and stupidity are astounding and as a CEO he's a wannabe plantation boss.
His hard right political turn is alienating us communists who might want an electric car. When all the other manufacturers are making better, more affordable electric cars than junky pricey Tesla.
And I'd bet he balks at the Twitter takeover too, and does not pay a fine. Because the whole Bitcoin, crypto, nft scam has shit the bed seriously lately, even more than Wall Street. And idiot Elon is all about the crypto ponzi scheme. And so are all his idiot Libertarian fascist friend financiers.
Not good financial times for these rich right wing crypto bro asshole grifters, or is saying right wing redundant? Not to mention no fucking way Twitter is worth $54. Idiot vanity Libertarian project.
Seems the Trumpite ponzi schemers are running low on fools and marks and elderly Republicans to scam. Crypto scam token miners are having electricity price woes too while mining their imaginary property.
I can't wait for Elon and Tesla and crypto to all collapse simultaneously. And nothing value will be lost.

dinthebeast said...

Read that: "I'm not paying any taxes ever."

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Be funny if he bankrupted the crappy car company he didn't start ...

w3ski said...

So he complains about costs and then likely raises prices. Making his unaffordable cars even more unaffordable. A great business move. Not like they were more than a niece market, to begin with.

Glenn Kelley said...

He's raised prices 4 times in the last year and his order books are still full. Tesla produced over 980,00 cars last year and they have doubled their production facilities since then . He's a jerk but if you ignore his strengths because of that you make a mistake.
There was a point about 10 years ago when Gates was going through a similar phase.

The were in a niche market 7 years ago.

Tesla builds a car in 10 hours VW takes 30 . The fit and finish is lacking in a Tesla but the drive train and electronics are the best you can get in a production car . The fit and finish from the Chinese factory is much better than the California factory.

Internal combustion engines are extremely inefficient only a 1/3 of the energy they use actually moves your car down the road.

Sorry for the ramble.