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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Musings About Texas's Abortion Law

So Texas has empowered private citizens to hunt down women who have abortions or those who help them. Can anyone recall the last time that a government in this country so empowered private citizens to do anything like that? The only thing that comes to my mind is the Fugitive Slave Laws.

If you are a woman who gets raped in Texas, you have just been sentenced by the State of Texas to bear your rapist's chld. And if you choose the keep the child, the man who raped you will have parental rights and, basically, be fucking up your live for the next eighteen or so years. If your father or uncle rapes you, you will be forced to give birth to your sibling/cousin.

Here is the website for making anonymous tips: You should not use a VPN that generates a Texas-based IP address, in case they are throwing out non-Texan IPs. You should not give them names that sound real and that have addresses that show up on Goggle Maps. You should also not give them the names of daughters/wives of Texas Republican politicians who are of childbearing years. If they have a fax number, don't fax them sheets of black construction paper (and burn out their toner cartridges).

But you should come to grips with one fact of life: The only real difference between the Evangelical Right and the Taliban is that the Taliban beheads people. You can bet your paycheck that if the Evangelical Right had their way, they would do the same.

For now, if you have a choice between patronizing a business in Texas or in another state, choose wisely.


CenterPuke88 said...

I’m mildly optimistic that this sort of overreach will finally result in tossing some of these ego-maniacs out of office. Just mildly, mind you, I know far to many people who don’t think this is terrible.

dinthebeast said...

Islam allows abortion for 120 days, which is 78 days longer than Texas.

The first mention of abortion in the literature is from 1550 BC and pretty much nobody cared about it, including Christians, until the right decided to make a wedge issue out of it.

If you believe Republicans give a rat's ass about abortion, have a quiet chat with one of their mistresses and let her disabuse you of that notion.

Perhaps Texas might be wiser to deal with their maternal mortality rate before they force more births on poor women who live there.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Jimmy T said...

Thought you could use this...

Comrade Misfit said...

That’s going up right here, thanks!

Tewshooz said...

How about women take a one a day birth control pill with their vitamins?

MarkS said...

My respect for the supreme court, never especially high, has declined again.Not sure which is worse; that they can't see or don't care what a Pandora's box they have opened here.If this approach is allowed to stand, all states could financially deputize their citizens to enforce unconstitutional laws by outsourcing enforcement to the civil courts on a legally tilted playing field. If this tactic is allowed to stand,it won't lead anywhere good. Talking to you, second amendment people.

Dark Avenger said...

Tewshooz, what about women who aren’t sexually active with men and get raped and impregnated? What about teenagers impregnated because of incest?

Why can’t men keep it in their pants? Funny how that question never comes up.

Tod Germanica said...

Now who should we ambush and massacre with our death sticks? I'm so confused. But we are standing down and standing pat and standing tall patriotically. With dry ammo. Or something.

Eck! said...

I'm of the glad as a women, not in Texas and beyond
that ages of worry the, what if.

How ever I ee a whole class of bunko and profiteering
happening while prying on the on those that can least
afford it.

Imagine the lowly receptionist in the doctors obstetric
office. She gets to see and hear things. Likely not
a medical person so ethics, unknown.

Possible maybe...
We have a women come in and leave tickeled she is
pregnant. a few weeks later maybe week 15 she is
distraught and needs to see old doc right away
about bleeding. UNfortunate but miscarriages
happen. However, our entrepreneurial desk person
decides that was an abortion gon wrong and the
doctor aided it and proceeds to claim her bounty
for the women and doc. All that sueing and all
and bad shit happens and the women already upset
takes her life. The the law is the law and
the system worked.

Like our host offered the last time hunting
people was with a bounty it was the slave law
era. It should be noted none of those people
had what we can call a good reputation. It
was about property recovery.

If you can think of you female children that way
Texas may be your kind of place.

Myself I foresee blood. At some point a member of
a far right splinter groups and their family will
be targeted for the abortion ransom by the proverbial
nosey neighbor. How or when ever it happens there
may be a fight over it. That's the life of bounty
hunters as they may pick a target that will not be
happy about someone else sticking their nose in
others lives. They may even have guns!

Just maybe most Texans believe that minding someone
else's business is not proper. to be blunt butt out.

We shall see...


MarkS said...

Todd Germanica; Apologies in advance if my post upset you. My main point, possibly badly expressed, is that this approach could be misapplied in literally infinite pernicious ways. If government can opt out of governing when convenient where else was this going to go?

MarkS said...

Didn't think I would have to be this explicit. but my point was really that if you acquiesce to to another group's rights being abridged, you forfeit your rights to protest when yours are abridged. I'm disappointed that it has to be this hard to get this point across