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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated Continues

Infection rates are raging in the places that one would expect.

As Covid-19 cases surge across the US, particularly among unvaccinated Americans, hospitals have been pushed to their limits treating the influx of patients -- and five states are nearly out of ICU beds.

Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arkansas have less than 10% left of their ICU bed capacity, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services.

It seems that the term "the pandemic of the unvaccinated" is not politically correct because it hurts the feeling of the unvaccinated. (Same with "pandemic of the dumbshits," I presume.)

Well, this is where a favorite phrase of the far-right comes into play: Fuck their feelings. This isn't about freedome, it's about responsibility to one's family, to one's community, to one's country. It's about duty, a word that has fallen far out of favor. It's about selfishness at a near-childish level. "I don't wanna, you can't make me, so there, nyaaah."

I feel bad for the kids who are catching Covid and winding up in the hospitals because the members of their family and their community are irresponsible. But as for the unvaccinated who are now clogging, the hospitals, and especially those showing up after ODing on Ivermectin? Sucks to be them.

ETA: The Rude Pundit has similar thoughts, though far better expressed.


Eck! said...

I go with pandemic of the unvaxed... if they don't likely grow
some thicker skin.

Why do I not care about their feelings, its about there gross

However reading "Homeless on the High Desert" "living Darwin
awards" brought me to:

Effects of Ivermectin therapy on the sperm
functions of Nigerian onchcerciasis† patients
†onchocerciasis == river blindness

Wow that's what we need. The basic gist of it is in a
2011 study as in a real one, they found on followup that
the side effects of Ivermectin caused spermatic anomalies
in 85% of the patients. The significant ones were
deformity, low motility, and yes low counts.


For the full study.

So in short they are living Darwin legends. After all the
fast way to extinction is self sterilization.

Here we have people claiming Ivermectin is good for covid
because they are scared of the "Chips", long term DNA, and
even one that claims potential sterility. Like Wow,
its really that level of stupidity. So yes Covid quick
fixes that don't work has become the you are below par
level of IQ testing.


w3ski said...

I had no control here, in fact, I only chat with her a couple times a year. My Ex now has Covid, and her daughter, and they have 2 small kids there, so far symptom-free.
I hadn't asked about her getting the vaccine till yesterday, and she gave me the most pitiful excuse. "She was too busy"? How can you be too busy for a 5-minute jab at the doctors that will save your life?
So she and her 34-year-old daughter have it, my ex has it especially bad being 68 now. In fact, my son wrote and said she is now in the hospital.
My current wife and I were vaccinated months ago now.
I don't want the ex to die, but how stupid can you be? It's hard to even be sympathetic with someone so ignorant.

Tod Germanica said...

If the US was this Murdocked and Putinated and reality teeveed in the 1950s iron lung stocks would still be booming. Don't any of these unpatriotic Trumpite traitors remember the army, where medics pumped shot after shot in each arm? And then made us do pushups? Cause I sure as heckfire remember it. And how nobody died or got sick except a sore arm? And then nobody contracted dengue fever in Vietnam. True fact, brainwashed suicide cultists. Go the fuck to Russia you love it so much.

Comrade Misfit said...

Eck!, I’ll make that into a separate post. Thanks for finding the article.

B said...

Next you'll believe that it is the Ivermectin overdoses that are clogging up the hospitals.

The articles you quote above have almost as much veracity as the Rolling Stone articles.

dan gerene said...

It's not that long ago TFG and cronies were promoting hydroxychloroquine as the miracle cure for Covid. But when he got infected there were no reports of him getting it. Now it's livestock dewormer instead of vaccines. What next? Maybe aloe smoothies or a catnip enema. Methinks they might be trying to keep the Covid numbers up because they think that the high numbers will somehow make Biden look worse than TFG. Their belief seems to be that if some people have to be sacrificed it's okay as long as the Right People get back into power.

Dark Avenger said...

B, your assertions need factual evidence. Is the data from the HHS wrong? If so, what is the correct data?