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Monday, September 13, 2021

Covidiots: I Give Up

I've come to the reluctant conclusion that there is no persuading the antivaxxers and/or the covidiots. You can point out that wearing masks works. unvaxxed are 11 times more likely to die of Covid, ten times more likely to get sick enough to require hospitalization, etc., but you know what? It makes no nevermind.

For those who follow the science of things, they basically say: "This is what I believe to be true. Prove me wrong."

For the far right, it's: "This is what I believe and I'm not wrong, and if you say I'm wrong, damn you for heresy."

It's the difference between science and religion, in a nutshell.

So, go ahead. Get Covid. Spread it to your kids and your family. You're the ones who have to live (and/or die) with the karma of the consequences of your inactions.

I don't.

I'm done with you guys.


Eck! said...

You can't save the fools from themselves. They don't want
to be saved and you can't force them.

Like some insist....
They should be subjected to conversion therapy like the
LBGTQ to convert them from noncompliant idiots to normal
behaving like people that exhibit empathy for their
neighbor. Then again it will not work for that case

Markup is for the idiots that may think I really
advocate that.


Jimmy T said...

If they just cancel themselves that would be fine, but I know two people one with leukemia and the other with breast cancer that couldn't be vaccinated when the vaccines became available. the guy with leukemia has since been vaccinated, but the woman with breast cancer still cannot be. Went to a baby shower on Saturday, where one guy wasn't vaccinated, and he's a federal government employee (see how long that lasts). My wife tore into him for his refusal and basically accused him of spreading not only the Darwin variant, but the lies that go with his craziness. The saving factor was that the shower was outdoors. There were young children at the shower as well, but he didn't care. Still not sure why he was invited, as everyone else was vaccinated and pro-mask. But my main point is that these people are everywhere, and are dangerous to you and me regardless of how well we protect ourselves

Tod Germanica said...

Yea, but I wanna go dancin'. These christopath suicide bombing child killers are stopping me. As Daffy Duck says, 'Of course you know this means war'.

Richard said...

I'm done with them. I live in Utah, so you can imagine there will be consequences. I don't care. I am finished with these idiots. It is a good feeling. They have been screwing things up for so long.

JustMusing said...

And to think we could have been New Zealand (in a more perfect world).

Eck! said...

But we can't give up trying to get them to act.

Plague rats, Covidiots that can and do mutate
the bug and carry it around.

To not attempt to make them mask and get Vaxed
is basically allowing those plague rats to
wander around in what we wish are safe


Ward said...

A large-scale study that shows that masks work:

Richard said...

Yes i am done with them. But it is not so simple. These idiots are getting sick all around my community and spreading the virus. We usually have an inspection every year from the fire department, to see if we are up to code.
This year they couldn't do that because they all have recently been exposed to covid that they caught from their little trump loving taxpayer clubhouse. Springdale/Rockville Fire District.
Also we had to shut down because another neighbor, the maintenance man and his wife had to finally explain why they are not feeling so well. They said it was just a cold.

They worked at a Shell convenience store and i don't go there right now.

They don't wear masks. They will not get vaccinated. Now they are sick at home and looking like assholes.
They will probably live, but they are not appreciated right now. How dare they put us in this danger? This is a small community.

It doesn't help that they are trump people. All it takes is a few of them to ruin everything.

ASM826 said...

I got the vaccine, but what's being said here is irrational. If the vaccine is effective, then I don't have to care if you or anyone else get the shots or not, I'm protected. If it's not, then getting it is pointless.

0_0 said...

From the study referenced in Ward's post above:

...the rate of people who reported symptoms of COVID-19, consented to blood collection and tested positive for the virus was 0.76% in the control villages and 0.68% in the intervention villages...

Mask- 0.68% positive
Control group- 0.76% positive

I do not see this as justification for the mask mandates, especially when those imposing the rules (like my boss, the Mayor of SF) don't follow them.

If one is vaccinated or has already had Covid, leave us the fuck alone.