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Friday, July 23, 2021

Dropping More Off

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Tod Germanica said...

All good Comrade, chef's kiss....sssmock.
My ex-SO hand made molded suppositories at Kaiser Pharmacy for many years, called them butt bullets.
But you may not last 6 weeks after drinking that wine.
My daddy dug a well in Theodore, Alabama, in 1962 using the jacked up rear end of his car and belts of something. Somehow. And built the cinder block pump house. The chart left out the various layers of oyster shells he drilled through before he hit good water. He got well educated.
OTOH my student rental house's well ran dry. In Humboldt County! What cha gonna do when tha well runs dry? You cycle to Arcata to buy drinking water and shower during the winter rains, is what you do, mon.