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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Your Sunday Morning Rotor Noise

Tree-trimming around powerlines with a Loach (MD-500 or something):

It'd be expensive to have those guys trim your trees.


Old NFO said...

Expensive, but cheaper and quicker than putting a full crew in there to trim them manually. I think I paid $2000/hr to rent one back in 2013. That was a pretty good price, all things considered.

Eck! said...

Likely PGE is they used it might have avoided some of their
liabilities to people.

If a branch touched a line or gets close enough for an ARC
fires are often the result but also lost transmission.
Repairing a burned through wire is also extremely expensive.
The crews that do that get highly paid and take no chances.

Turns out that maintaining the right of way for power lines
is very expensive. It requires a lot of lawyers to beat
back the tree huggers that would prevent the needed


w3ski said...

I would suppose that any touching of the power line with the saw is not allowed. Or is it maybe insulated in some way? They sure seem to get that saw close to the lines.
Living rurally as I do, I am heartily in approval of all that line work. We have crews here, all year long doing branch cutting. I've even seen them use climbers to get some hard to reach stuff. Fun to watch.

gray fox said...

I posted that to Facebook; a friend replied with this video. Clarifies a number of things.


Eck! said...

Touching the wire with the blade may cut the wire, very bad.

However there are crews that work from a helicopter and make
direct contact with energized wires to install things like
vibration dampers and fix localized damage to the wire.

There a your tube with that out there.

Around here there was a major stink when the power company
wanted to clear the ROW of low tree and shrubs. Seems the
locals felt that was their property to view and use. They
got educated.


dinthebeast said...

Around here there is a wide circle of bare dirt around every power pole, and the crews are out there with chainsaws for the whole dry season clearing the way around the power lines.
Having worked for a tree service, the manpower and expense to do what these guys are doing would be prohibitive.
Those pilots are, as my brother used to say, hot rod. I climbed a couple of times with spikes and a chainsaw, and that was terrifying. I can only imagine what these guys job must be like.

-Doug in Sugar Pine