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-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Trumpanzees at Work

A married couple was taken into custody Friday after a racist rant and act of vandalism in Torrance last week was caught on cellphone video.

Gregory Howell, a 29-year-old from Carson, and Rachel Howell, a 29-year-old from Seal Beach, were captured on camera on July 22 as a road rage incident culminated into a confrontation, the Torrance Police Department said in a news release.
On July 24, investigators obtained arrest warrants for both Howells for hate crimes and vandalism, according to police. After locating the pair a week later, the couple was arrested Friday.
The Howells have to be dumber than two sacks of hammers, not to realize that almost everyone these days carries a videocamera with themselves and knows how to use it.


MarkS said...

It's safer to assume that you're being surveilled at all times than otherwise (including in your own home if you have a smart speaker). many people (including police) seem to have trouble with that reality

Eck! said...

The dumpanzies are appearing somewhere at a rate greater than a few
per day. Some match the karen meme, the rest are out there trying
to get their sign {STUPID}. All in all they are on exhibit and often
on digital film.

Unlike covid stipd is far from a cure. The only solution is self
removal from the gene pool. A few have succeeded.


Stewart Dean said...

This sort of acting out was common in the South, but its spread to the rest of the country speaks of an erosion of agreed norms/decency/manners and the rise of a bully/braggart culture. Throwing a brick through a plate glass window or beating the shit out of people because you have a hair across your ass is not a sign of creativity, imagination, humanity or excellence.
Funny thing though: in the South, there are manners and people that don't have them are considered trash. Though I have long thought that manners in the South serve the same role as ritual and graduated threat displays in predators....so that when violence does happen, there's been an exchange leading up outright war.

Tod Germanica said...

Yes, the idea of honor, dueling traditions, pride leading to fights and death. Scots/Irish (Scotch Irish) hillbillies from old country clans that kept up the idea of blood feuds. Eye for an eye, mean as snakes some of them.
One of my LA (Lower Alabama) kin early in the 20th century was said to have been shot dead on a dark country road. Such peeps make up a good percentage of the wartime US Army at all times, I saw it 69-71. Notice how many military bases are down south? These are the kind of wiry, tough, country raised boys (now girls too) you need for war. Used to killing on farm or ranch and good shots, maybe good with a knife too. Used to hardship, cold and hot weather, rain, snow, hard constant work, sometimes bad or no food. Low pay or no pay. Disgusting and highly dangerous working conditions, sometimes living and working in filth. Pretty much like the US Army during a war, depending on your MOS and location. Some guys said the army was like a vacation after the farm.
And a much better chance to graft and grab: 'Lie cheat and steal, prepare for a civilian career'. God bless em, all armies need such violent young jolly pirates to go out there and fight and die for us old people.
And some of them are better off being lifers, too, where their impulses can be constructively channelled. Instead of dying in a bar fight.

Comrade Misfit said...

Tod, that sounds like this:

LOS ANGELES—Insisting their department provided crucial services that help maintain order in the city, law enforcement officials warned Wednesday that defunding the police could lead to a spike in crime from ex-officers with no outlet for their violence. “The truth is that there are violent people in our society, and we need a police department so they have somewhere to go during the day to channel their rage,” said L.A. police chief Michel Moore, telling reporters that without proper resources, his team would be powerless to take these aggressive individuals off the streets and throw them into a police academy.

Eck! said...

"We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence
on those who would harm us."

No idea what actually said that it has many attributions. It however
expresses an idea clearly about what civil and genteel society might
not do but, needs to be done.

There is truth to that. However army or police those charged are also
expected to obey their command, or else. We know where the failure lies.

You do not lead from behind, you must be in the front. Your eyes are
the ones charged with correct and wrong. If you do not see its because
you have not looked. Those you lead didn't fail, you did not command.


Tod Germanica said...

True, comrade, some men and women are drawn to violence and discipline is always the key, as some noted. Otherwise you get Lt. Calley. And gunships massacres of journalists and bystanders.
Still, military service is an honor and I hated stateside judges telling car thieves and vandals "army or jail". Bad for the morale of us enlisted Regular US Army troops if nothing else. But there was a war on and warm bodies were needed so standards were lowered.
In practice the court ordered soldiers generally fought and died about as well as the rest. Which is to say bravely and effectively when well led.