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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Somebody Please Get That Poor Lad Some Professional Help, Bless His Heart

M&M is withdrawing its "spokescandy" ads after Fox's Tucker Carlson railed about the candies' de-sexualization as part of a push for a "woke" society. Maya Rudolph is the new face of the ad campaign.

Tuckyo Rose has to be one sick piece of work if he fantasizes about banging animated candy characters. Maybe he's taking a break from masturbating to his autographed photo of Vladimir Putin.

It takes some really weird kink to get turned in by "spokescandies." But that seems to be par for the course at Fox News.


seafury said...

Just shows the incredible power he has and how the American people love and adore him. my brother asked his libtard brother in law (me) if I watch tucker. I said no. he said "that figures".

Comrade Misfit said...

I'm sorry that your brother (or brother-in-law) is a low-wattage trumpanzee.

seafury said...

Nah Just a murica' luvin god fearin, gravy seal who thinks its bout' time his sister and her libtard hubby felt a little pain. She's on disability for a seizure disorder (read liberal) that is nuthin but fraud. He's on it because he got hit by a tree trimming truck that went off the road and hit him on his 4 wheeler. His upper 6 figure settlement is on its way after 2 years and he let us know he's going to make a substantial contribution to save America PAC in her name. she'll be getting a thank you letter soon. "Hey sis!! get owned much? MAGA KAG!!!"
but hey other than that nice guy .....