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Friday, January 27, 2023

Russia is Not Just Evil,
Russia is MCU-Level Evil

I've mentioned it before, but the StrategyPage has a discussion of Russia's submarine weapons, including the Poseidon torpedo.

The Poseidon torpedo shows that Russia is not just evil, it is cartoonishly evil. Poseidon is supposed to go into the harbor of an enemy and detonate an enhanced-radiation thermonuclear warhead. A few days after there has been a general nuclear war and the likely targets of such a weapon have already been hit a few times by nuclear weapons, this thing swims in and goes bang, in some insane Russian desire to do what? Irradiate the rubble even more?

The Poseidon speaks to the ingrained lunacy of the Russian state. They'll spend trillions of rubles on something that does not move the neeedle on strategic deterrence even a single micron.

As for the Loshanik submarine, it seems to be yet another Russian death trap.

1 comment:

Iron City said...

Question is does the Poseidon torpedo have laser beams strapped to its fricken fins?