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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Women to South Korean Men: Go Fuck Yourselves, Because We Won't Have Sex With You Assholes

Women in South Korea have come to realize that becoming married and raising children is little more than slavery.

So more and more of them are not doing it. South Korea is steeped in misogyny. South Korea is so steeped in women-hating that women there regard a "safe breakup" as one where they're not killed. But women speaking up threatens the fragile egos of men. So what happened is that the Koreans went even further right, elected a government that proclaims that feminism is the problem, is working to dismantle what few protections women have and trying to shame women to go back to having children.

The response in South Korea is about what it would have been here: A round "go fuck yourself." South Korean birth rates are the lowest in the world, to the point that the country will have half its population by the end of the century. My guess is that it'll happen much faster than that.


Joe said...

I'm going to be an asshole about it. Imagine if they didn't have the power to refuse. At gunpoint.

Comrade Misfit said...

Being an asshole is one thing. Being an obscure asshole is quite another. If you have a point to make, try doing so. Use your words.

jeff725 said...

Japan is headed in the same direction and for the same reason.

Grey Wolf said...

"Such difficulties are the subject of a recent hit film, 'Kim Ji-young, Born 1982'.

Based on a controversial feminist novel, it centres on a married South Korean woman who has quit her job and struggles to raise her child with limited support.

-> Women viewers rated the film an average 9.5 out of 10 stars on the South's top search engine. Men gave it 2.8" <-

Yeah, there's a definite problem there.

Stewart Dean said...

incel-ing themselves from reality and human decency.....