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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Truth That the Appeasers (and Putinist Republicans) Will Never Understand

Putin has not given up on taking all of Ukraine. Any peace or cease-fire, now, will only enable him to rebuild his army and try again. Land for peace has a piss-poor record of success with appeasing the territorial appetites of aggressors. It seems that those arguing that the Ukrainians should agree, now, to a cease-fire are people from countries with little to no risk of having Russian soldiers crossing their borders in the near-term. The Appeasement Caucus is not from nations that border Russia. It is certainly not filled with Ukrainians, who, by a very large majority, want to expel the neo-Tsarist invaders.

When you see self-styled deep-tinkers argue for negotiating a land-for-peace deal, know that they have either argued themselves into a corner or they are getting something for their stances.


Jimmy T said...

The Ukrainians appear to be winning so why should they trade their hard fought strategy for the promise of peace from the known liar Poo-tin? I truly don't understand anyone who advocates this...

dan gerene said...

These people's ancestors probably thought the U.S. should have given Japan all the Pacific islands that were territories of the U.S. after the attack on Pearl Harbor too.