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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Running Down Rundo

Pro tip: If you're on the lam, stay off social media. Because if you don't, you'll fuck up and be located.

Rob Rundo, a neo-Nazi who is on the run from rioting and conspiracy charges, was located easily by Bellingcat in Bulgaria. He seems to think that he's got some sort of fascist brand that has to be promoted. With luck, he;ll promote himself right into a prison cell.


Grey Wolf said...

He founded the "Rise Above Movement"?

About which Wikipedia informs us that:

"The Rise Above Movement (RAM) is a militant alt-right Southern California-based street-fighting group variously described as "a loose collective of violent neo-Nazis and fascists", white nationalist, white supremacist,and far-right. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), it "is inspired by identitarian movements in Europe and is trying to bring the philosophies and violent tactics to the United States."

Throw away the key.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

The gold standard for OSINT
You learn a lot of tricks from them and I get a newsletter every once in awhile.

The FSB are a bunch of screwups.

Ten Bears said...

Wagers on how long till it's on the wrong end of that pointy thing on Putin's rifle?

Whipped cream: Ukraine captures it. That would be some fun reading.

Yes, it ...