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Monday, October 17, 2022

The Russian Way of War

  1. Try to break civilian morale by attacking random shit.
  2. Press-gang men off the street, give them little to no training, and send them into combat. 

Neither appear to be winning strategies. Both are strategies straight out of the Second World War. Add to that, the Russians are the invaders, the Nazis, in this war and everyone on both sides of the front line knows that to be true. The Ukrainians are fighting to regain the land taken by the Russians. The Russians are fighting for Putin's ambition. The Ukrainians have the support of the western nations. The Russians have the support of the Iran regime,[1] but only because the Russians have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Only a handful of other countries seem to be willing to stand behind Russia.

Few people want to die for another's ambition. Few parents want to see their sons killed for the imperial ambitions of their emperor, not in this century.

Between those who are being sent to the front as cannon-fodder and who will return to their families in coffins,[2] and those who have fled to other countries to avoid the war, a million young men, or more, will have been removed from Russian society and the Russian economy. A lot of them are the best and brightest young men that the Russians have. The dead will be gone forever, of course, but the living who have fled may find living in freer countries more to their liking.

Which means that this may not end well for Russia.
[1] And there is a non-zero chance that the Iranian regime will fall in the near-future.
[2] And those whose bodies will be abandoned and later buried by the Ukranians.

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