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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Russian Resupply

The Russians are facing increasing problems in supplying their forces in Ukraine because of a shortage of railroad freight cars.

The Russian rail system is being starved of rolling stock because of a shortage of roller bearings for their axles. Some 10,000 railway cars were pulled offline because of a bearing shortage in August with another 20,000 expected to be sidelined in the next two months. Repair facilities are unable to repair them because of the shortage. This represents about 20-30% of Russian rail cars of all types.

It's more than roller bearings.

Components were brought from abroad, and only the final assembly [of railcars] was carried out at Russian enterprises. Now there is nothing to assemble them from and nothing to replace imports with. They need sealants and lubricants, which are produced neither in Russia nor the CIS.

Every sanction that has been levvied on Russia should also, now, be applied to Iran.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

I'm going to steal this.

Stewart Dean said...

...and a peril of that the Left sees and is trying to onshore key critical manufacturing capabilities

Stewart Dean said...

Also this:
It isn't just the bearings....

Eck! said...

We learned that in WWII,

Bomb the bearing factories and the rest gets jammed up.

Fuel production and storage.
Rubber or raw latex.
Water supplies for power or cooling.

Only takes a few critical items in short supply to mess
up a supply system.