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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Prove Me Wrong: MAGA Republicans are Mean, Nasty, Vengeful Children Who Say They Will Throw Armed Tantrums if They Can't Win

That is the subtext of the message that is beng put out by the MAGAites: If they can't persuade a plurality of Americans to support them, then they will take up arms.

That makes them nothing more than a bunch of spoiled bullies, much like the leader of their cult. They are not loyal to this country, only to their Orange-Hued Demigod, who would lead them from the front, if it wasn't for his bone spurs.

Most of them are probably a bunch of mouthy cowards. But some of them might try some stupid shit.

It might be reasonable to invest in barbed-wire futures.


Ten Bears said...

Snot-nosed, middle-schoolyard bullies who if you slap once run cryin' to the cops ...

Jimmy T said...

Mean nasty and vengeful just like the God they believe exists. Never mind the teachings of Jesus who was basically quite a decent guy. But then they never let the teachings of Jesus ruin their day...

Eck! said...

They start running around making trouble... There is
every reason to believe they will find it.

It would seem there are enough people that when pressed
self defense is a viable action plan.


Comrade Misfit said...

It'll all eventually be filed under "Found Out; fucked around and"

Jack the Cold Warrior said...


As a former infantry officer I point out that a barrier not covered by fire only slows the enemy. So don't forget appropriate arms and ammo to protect your barbed wire...