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Saturday, October 2, 2021

When Evil Arises in Politics, It's Probably Funded by Koch

That despicable troll is behind a campaign to ensure that more children die of Covid. Oh, of course, they don't put it that way, but that's the result.

They're circulating a template of a letter against mask mandates that is supposedly being put out by some astroturf group called the "Independent Women's Network," which is funded by Charles Koch and a member of another family that is heavily into the propagation of evil, Dick DeVos.

Nothing like a bunch of right-wing batshit rich guys who are using women to push their agendas of disease, polloution, and wrecking the planet for fun and profit.


dan gerene said...

In the letter it says that the don't know the potential downside of a child wearing a mask. But the sure downside of a serious case of Covid is well known and it isn't good. What is wrong with these people, are they so twisted and full of inner hate that they have lost all human decency?

JustMusing said...

Those hypocrites chant, "My Body, My Choice", "The 2020 Election wasn't Free and Fair", and "Masks Cause Covid". No amount of thorazine is going to help, let alone trying to talk to them.
And I say that knowing which of my extended family is at high risk

Covid will just have to burn out the incredible stupidity.

All my appeals to their supposedly better nature have failed. Worst of all, there is no vaccine for the T**** infection.